An inside source has revealed that the top leadership of the MDC T led by Douglas Mwonzora held a meeting that went into the wee hours of today. The meeting deliberated mainly on the issue of possible recall of a number of MPs and Councillors from across the country who remain defiant to the Supreme court judgment by continuing to associate themselves with Chamisa’ s MDC Alliance party. The source alleges that the recent High Court judgement that confirmed the power of the PDP led by Margret Mativenga to recall Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume and the subsequent recall of the PDP contingent of Tendai Biti and others from parliament yesterday has given the MDC more confidence to strike some non cooperating elected officials. It is further alleged that based on the Mafume interdict which stopped Minister July Moyo from effecting recalls some elected MDC officials loyal to Chamisa were hoping the Mafume application for reversal of recall would succeed and give them a respite. However, these recent legal developments have indeed proved that the MDC Alliance is not a political party but truly a grouping of independent political parties and that these independent political parties are the ones with power to recall members whom they sponsored to the Alliance for the 2018 elections. By calling itself a political party after the 2018 elections it practically means any elected official who pledges loyalty to it as a party has ceased to be a member of the party that sponsored them to the Alliance. Effectively, this allows the concerned parties to invoke provisions of section 129 and 278 of the constitution of Zimbabwe as read with provisions of their internal constitutions respectively. Specifically, the Mativenga led PDP and the MDC T have invoked clauses 6.4 and 5.10 of their constitutions respectively.

With the 27 December 2020 Extraordinary congress behind it, it is clear that the new MDC T leadership of Douglas Mwonzora is effectively in control of the MDCT component of the MDC Alliance and can indeed effect recalls of those of its elected members who form,support or join other parties.

It is also clear that some elected officials were on the fence waiting to see which way the Mafume judgment would go. They seemed to have been taking advantage of this to safeguard their positions by double dipping. They would pledge allegiance to both parties separately. The truth is if Chamisa says the MDC Alliance is now a political party then it is a political party different from the MDC Alliance that went into the 2018 elections. Any one who pledges allegiance to this party can not belong to another political party. So parties whose elected members joined the MDC Alliance party after the 2018 elections are indeed justified to recall those members as they can no longer serve their interests in council and parliament.

We hear the Mwonzora led MDC T is holding a caucus of its parliamentary members today. This will give us an indication of who is and is not going to be recalled. We have heard that the party has also in the past few days been holding meetings with councillors. This can also indicate the councillors who are going to be recalled.

We wait to see fireworks in the coming few days.

Meanwhile, we have witnessed a defection wave of MDC Alliance members going to Zanu Pf. An investigation has revealed that these defectors were unhappy with Nelson Chamisa’s leadership. All of them save Obert Gutu lost hope in the MDC when Chamisa appealed against the High Court judgment in the Mashavira case and proceeded to hold his Gweru Congress. It was just after the Gweru congress that Zanu pf fished these MDC big wigs. By the time the 31 March 2020 judgement came deals between them and Zanu Pf were already sealed. Chebundo’s fate was sealed when he lost the Kwekwe primaries. His stop over in Mwonzora’s MDC T was just a calculated political move. A research into these defections will reveal more.


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