Home News Chamisa Displays Childish Political Tantrums, Confusion As He Calls For Dialogue

Chamisa Displays Childish Political Tantrums, Confusion As He Calls For Dialogue


Chamisa displays childish political tantrums, confusion as he and his team calls for unconditional dialogue

By Rufaro Patsayi

EVERSINCE Zanu PF won the August 2018 elections, opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has desplayed what has been described by other political players as childish political tantrums.

Chamisa’s party recently resolved to force President Emmerson Mnangagwa to convene a broad-based dialogue which is meant to end to end Zimbabwe’s multifaceted crisis.

“As a party, we resolved to dissolve individualism and amplify collective voices of Zimbabweans. It is no longer time for us to be divided in our little silos. It is time for collective action and we are not going to be coming to these platforms as politicians, but as citizens,” said Chamisa to his allies in the labour, student movement and church while commemorating the 2007 Save Zimbabwe Campaign prayer meeting on Thursday in Harare

“We are going to be calling Zanu-PF to be part of it because hunger knows no political party. We should also encourage Zanu-PF to join the convergence of forces because if they are a force, they must be part of it.”

Chamisa has persistently declined to meet Mnangagwa under the auspices of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD), which he has described as a “charade”. In September 2019 a team of eminent persons led by Graca Machel and Mary Robinson, came to Harare to push for dialogue among local politicians. Chamisa and his team openly stated that they wanted dialogue only to limit to him and Mnangagwa, and on condition that he was declared the legitimate winner of the 2018 elections. His antics of demanding to travel to Robert Mugabe International Airport in the same vehicle with Ms Machel and her team, because he felt he was more important than anyone else comes to mind. The humiliating refusal in front of cameras by Ms Machel didnt stop Chamisa from following the team to the airport when they met him in the VIP lounge, with his message remaining the same, dialogue for him was acknowledgement that he had won the disputed 2018 and nothing else.

Chamisa’s party last month rejected calls for an all inclusive dialogue by the MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora, branding him a Zanu-PF puppet desperate for political mileage and relevance.

The same leader who is now calling for a dialogue together with his allies such as the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, refused to join the POLAD, stating that he would prefer a dialogue process which would be chaired by an independent actor other than having Mnangagwa as the umpire.

Last year Chamisa travelled to South Africa to press President Cyril Ramaphosa to intervene in what the opposition leader described as “the Zimbabwe crisis.”

The ruling Zanu PF spokesperson Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo on Friday dismissed Chamisa’s tirade and urged political players to embrace POLAD, instead of focusing on politics of hate which polarises the nation.


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