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Magaisa Komichi Challenge: A Different Opinion

By Sekuru Nhando


It was interesting to read a recent facebook post by the former advisor to the late former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, one Dr Alex Magaisa aka WaMagaisa. In the post Magaisa viciously tears into Morgan Komichi with merciless temerity. For an academic of Magaisa’s repute I would christen it as reckless abandon by a legal academivist. Komichi’s crime was daring to ask Magaisa and fellow journovist cum academivist, one Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya, to use their doctoral skills to provide solutions for Zimbabwe instead of promoting the proliferation of insults, stone throwing and hate language.

This call by Komichi seemed not to have gone down well with Magaisa. It provoked a rabid verbal tirade from the renowned academic who had, until the recent past, been known for rational dissection of national issues.

In one sentence Magaisa turned into an opinionated arresting officer, prosecutor and judge on the conduct of Komichi in 2020 when the latter chose to respect the Supreme Court ruling in the famous Mashavira case , which case seemed to have upset the apple cart of his preferred political figure in the post Tsvangirai MDC power tug of war. He declared with seeming authority that Komichi joined in the subversion of the people’s will. While it is prudent to uphold the right to an opinion it is wrong to elevate one’s opinion to undisputed fact. It is clear that Magaisa uses marinated hate language in steering negative perception towards Komichi and his so called chums. The use of the urine analogy to express his extreme view of the actions of Komichi is evidence of the intellectual perversion Magaisa has morphed into. His accusations that Komichi threw stones first seem to indicate Magaisa’s justification of violence against Komichi and his chums. And this is disheartening coming from a seeming learned and respected legal expert and former advisor to an icon of social democracy in the mold of Morgan Tsvangirai. It goes without saying that being an advisor to a social democrat means one subscribes to social democratic ethos. However, Magaisa’s recent unprovoked mutilation of social democratic values puts paid his genuineness as Morgan Tsvangirai’s advisor as Prime Minister and as Mwonzora’s advisor as COPAC Co-Chair. The question is on whose payroll was, and is, he? Or it’s a question of the brown envelope- the root of all evil?

While I agree with Magaisa’s observation of the post Supreme Court Judgment “carnage” it should leave a sour taste in the mouth when one takes a look at the more heinous ‘carnage’ that was visited on the social democratic values of the MDC as well as many individual members and prospective 2018 election candidates in the party who dared question Magaisa’s political blue chip, Chamisa. From the time the latter usurped power and the eve of the 2018 elections there was massive carnage. This carnage even saw the MDC failing to have provincial council representatives in some provinces. If the learned Doctor of Laws did his research he would have known that this embarrassing mishap was because those who were chosen by the people to represent them were not favoured by the then elite in power at Harvest House commandeered by Nelson Chamisa and cabal. The very people that Magaisa is unashamedly portraying as carnage today led the carnage of others then. The good doctor must sit down and introspect.

Like a demented retard Magaisa keeps on harping about the long legally resolved status of the MDC Alliance. Its almost nauseating especially coming from a Doctor of Laws.

If Komichi and his chums were throwing stones by reinstating Khupe and others back into parliament what was Chamisa and his chums doing when they recalled Khupe and company from parliament in 2018 and summarily expelled them from the party without the benefit of due disciplinary process. Those recalled by Komichi and company were recalled on the basis of their declaration that they no longer belonged to the MDC T which is and will always remain the party they were members of when they went to parliament. However, when Khupe and company were expelled they had not declared that they no longer belonged to the MDC left by Tsvangirai. They were expelled because somebody decided they were no longer wanted. They were a threat to someone’s hold on power. What happened in the Khupe case in 2018 borders on criminal abuse of private voluntary organizational office.

It is difficult to fathom from what moral ground Magaisa stands to declare those he claims were imposed by Komichi and team as charlatans (or he wanted to say Charltons?)without correspondingly charlatanising those imposed on the same electorate by Chamisa and company. Unlike Magaisa, some of us have managed through thorough research to access the V11s of the massive imposition that took place during the sham primaries held by the Chamisa outfit. Or for whatever reason Magaisa chooses to ignore that defining dark period. For want of credible independent V11s I can refer the learned legal academivist Magaisa to the reports by the Zimbabwe Peace project, ZESN and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission on what transpired in those sham primaries. Further there is actually a team in the Chamisa organising department who are prepared for a fee to give documentation on what transpired during that dark period in the post Tsvangirai era.

The prodigal son analogy is so blasphemous Magaisa is urged to stay in the politilegal academivist lane without straying into the biblical lane whose import he seems to have no idea of.

Magaisa should desist from intellectual thugocratic halucinations which have characterized his postings on the issues surrounding the MDC of late. His blatant bias disqualifies him from offering credible opinion for political leaders to make informed decisions. Instead of fanning divisions within the democratic community by pouring vitriol disguised as objective analysis, Magaisa should as a privileged insider be the mediator. Especially given that he worked with all the protagonists in this saga. He worked under Douglas Mwonzora, Morgen Komichi and Tendai Biti at COPAC and with Chamisa, Komichi, Khupe, Biti and many others in the Prime Minister’s office. While at COPAC Mwonzora was the Co Chairperson, Komichi was the chief rapporteur, Biti sat in the unconstitutional body known as the Management Committee comprising the six Global Political Agreement negotiators from the three political parties , the Minister of Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs and the three Co Chairs. In government Khupe was the Deputy Prime Minister, Biti was Minister of Finance, Chamisa Minister of ICT and Komichi was a deputy Minister. What Magaisa has proved in his recent postings on the MDC is that he has become a factional mouthpiece disguised as a neutral commentator.

My advice to Doctor Magaisa is that he should learn one or two things from the commentaries of Dr Eldred Masunungure and Dr Phillani Zamchiya. These two doctors dissect issues without casting aspersions. Their commentaries are a marvel to go through. They are informative, advisory and not toxic. They focus on issues not personalities.

Actually it is Magaisa who should apologise to his legion of followers for biased opinionated commentaries on the MDC saga in his recent past postings. History is likely to judge him wrong on this issue. How? Time will tell.


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