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G40 Backed outfit Spying On MDCT’s Mwonzora Travels

Chamisa's G40 sponsored outfit have secretly launched a surveillance operation on the Mwonzora EOC campaign, Nyasha Muneno opines

Nelson Chamisa

In a desperate attempt to get some form of relevance, the fast diminishing G40 led-Cobras have hired spies to follow every move by MDCT Secretary General  Douglas Mwonzora.  This has never happened before in the history of  MDC or opposition politics in Zimbabwe. The Chamisa camp will do anything at their disposal to make sure they disrupt the MDCT EOC and they have identified Mwonzora as the main brains behind constitutionalists.

Since the Supreme  Court judgement, the G40 backed outfit have been trying to portray Mwonzora and the constitutionalist leadership as a Zanu PF project, even though they have zero evidence to support the baseless allegations. During the recent highly attended MDCT 21 anniversary celebrations, Mwonzora scoffed at Zanu links. He further challenged anyone with evidence of any Zanu PF links to the constitutionalists to bring it forward

Of recent Mwonzora has been travelling country wide talking to 2014 Delegates, informing them about the current situation in MDCT, and in particular what has to be done after the Supreme Court judgement. Surprisingly Chamisa’s surrogates like Pedzisayi Ruhanya,  Simba Chikanza, Ngadziore, one Wezhira and others are busy posting smearing stories and photoshoped pictures of Mwonzora. Shouldn’t they be spending their energies on telling the nation what Chamisa and their G40 masters have in store.  Of recent Ruhanya, Chikanza, Wezhira Munya, Denford Ngadziore and others have  started baseless conspiracy theories that Mwonzora is busy visiting zanu supporters and sangomas. Isn’t that a sign of desperation. Mwonzora is a man on a mission and he wil not lose sleep over desperate conspiracy theories by the so called Wambas. What is on record is an unofficial  trip to Ghana were two leaders did partake in some serious rituals that are now claiming the lives of MDC MPS and leaders on a monthly basis. Some are even claiming the Ghana trip is also linked to many road accidents by MDCA members. Former MPs like Chibaya and Caston Mateu vakotoita luck they were to be victims of the Ghana trip thokoloshi 

Why Conspiracy Theories
Chamisa has never won a direct contest against Mwonzora. In 2014 he was outsmarted by Mwonzora after he kept making noise in Harare and on social media forgetting that even rural constituencies have MDCT Congress Delegates. At first Chamisa flatly refused to attend the MDCT EOC and he is still reluctant. He is, however, under serious pressure from Jonathan Moyo and G40 who have demanded that he goes for Congress or else they will stop funding him. G40 are aware Chamisa will not win but they just want to disrupt Mwonzora ascendancy to the MDC T crown as they clearly know he will never approve the G40 infiltration in the party. If Chamisa was not scared of defeat at the hands of the strategist Mwonzora he could have gone to congress immediately after Tsvangirayi death, or after the 2019 judgement which ordered an EOC. Even in 2020 he chickened out on several occasions to a point where him and his close ones signed affidavits that they are not members of the MDCT.

Chamisa Phoning 2014 Delegates
Last week a total of 20 2014 delegates called Mwonzora complaining that Chamisa have been phoning them asking why are they meeting with Mwonzora. Chamisa went to the point of telling  some delegates that he will send them money and airtime so that they quickly report to him whenever Mwonzora visits there areas.

The Zanu Debate
You might have seen Chamisa surrogates and his close allies circulating fake news that Mwonzora is addressing Zanu people as delegates. The truth is it is Chamisa who have openly admitted that he does not have a lot of MDC supporters. His main support base is disgruntled Zanu supporters who were part of the G40 camp. I attach the v11 statement by Chamisa. It’s not a first time that MDCT supporters in rural areas have dressed some zanu zambia clothes given to the public during campaigns. Addressing MDCT supportres after a heavy 2019 MDCA loss in Chiredzi South last year, Chamisa told MDCA supporters that “mukapihwa chikafu kana mbatya  ne zanu torayi  asi pavote  moziwa  kuti  movhotera ani“. If he said this why should Mwonzora chase a person wearing a Zanu regalia at his rally or meetings?

Chamisa surrogates are lying that Mwomzora is addressing crowds of 15 people per meeting. Chamisa must be reminded that campaign for congress is totally different from national campaigns.  Mwonzora is a seasoned strategist who does not talk to much like Chamisa, he is a man of action. 

A Confused Leader
Many analysts are clear that Chamisa is fast fading like a flower and he will soon be history. His weakness is thinking that he has entitlement over opposition politics in Zimbabwe the reason why he takes special exception at any voice of reason that has potential to solving Zimbabwe’s  problems.

Spying on Others Is Politically immoral
It’s an offence to be following someone’s  moves. Chamisa people must stop following Mwonzora. Chamisa must just put his house in order. He must come up with a clear position of where he is going. Is Chamisa leading the MDCA or he wants to apply for readmission into the MDCT.

Food For Thought
Does anyone think that Chamisa would have refused to go to EOC if he was not scared of Mwonzora? Let’s brace for a prolonged desperate fight by the Cobras as they will continue to try and disrupt Congress. Anything democratic annoys Chamisa to the core. He is used to back door ascendancy, he became an MP in Kuwadzana after Jongwe death, became MDCA leader after Tsvangirayi death and he might soon eliminate some MDCT leaders so he gets his way at EOC.

In 2019 Chamisa purged all the 2014 delegates and replaced them with knew people because they did not vote for him in 2014. They are aware they were purged undemocratically and they will never vote for Chamisa. That is why Chamisa is trying hard to smuggle 2019 delegates as if they are 2014 delegates. It will not work



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