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MDC T Kwekwe Office attacked by alleged Chamisa youths


The ongoing going fights for the control of MDC T assets took a violent turn early this morning when youths alleged to be belonging to Nelson Chamisa’s Alliance attacked the Kwekwe Provincial officer and seriously wounded the party’s Administrator Victor Chidende. This is a developing story.

Below is a statement issued by the party:

26 September 2020

Today around 5 am some thugs hired by Nelson Chamisa’s hoodlums besieged our Kwekwe offices and violently assaulted Victor Chidende our Provincial Administrator.

They also attacked the other members of the Party who had come to Chidende’s rescue. These youths were organized by PDP’s Settlement Chikwinya and were funded by G40 and Aaron Chinhara.

This is the same Chinhara who was implicated in an attempted assassination of the late Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi in Kwekwe at Torwood in 2008. On that fateful day Chinhara was fingered to have paid some youth to stab Morgan Tsvangirai with a knife. The late Morgan Tsvangirayi was only served by a youth who shielded him and got himself badly injured in the process.

We condemn this violence and hope that the law will take its course. The same gang tried to abduct Elias Mashavira who defeated Chamisa in the Supreme Court in March this year.

Chamisa’s appetite for violence is legendary since the death of Morgan Tsvangirai where his thugs tried to burn some top MDC officials in a hut in Buhera.

Our Party continues to urge all Zimbabweans to desist from violence against political opponents.

No amount of resistance will stop us from claiming all our properties including offices from these G40 sponsored merchants of violence. The unlawful cessation of these properties by the G40 sponsored Alliance outfit will be dealt with legally by the party’s legal team.

Meanwhile, our official Chidende is receiving treatment at a hospital in Kwekwe.



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