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MDC-T Party issues statement on recalls


The Movement for Democrat Change T led by Thokosani Khupe has issued a statement this morning clarify its position on the recalls. Below is the full statement

The MDC-T Party Position on Recalls

17 September 2020

The MDC T Recalling exercise is guided by the party’s constitution section 5:10, which clearly stipulates the conditions under which a members fofeit his or her Membership. In the current on going recalls, the affected members have either clearly acted and or behaved in contravention of this MDC constitutional provision.

Regrettably the ultravires behaviour of many of the affected has been informed by a sustained campaign of misinformation and lies that the Alliance pact is a party, by some misguided elements hell bent on retaining power at all cost including sacrificing the gullible members on the alter of expedience.

Fortunately the true and genuine MDC T members are aware and alive to the facts as confirmed in the Supreme Court ruling.

We maintain that the so called MDC Alliance is not a party but a pact whose operative nature is guided by the agreement document signed by the late iconic leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi. Members must be guided accordingly and are free to access the agreement document from party leadership.

We urge members not to continue to be victims of the propaganda by a personality cult group masquaranding as the Alliance party. The MDC-T party is an institution guided by it’s constitution not by the whims and caprices of selfish egoistic individuals. As such the MDC-T party will never compromise on the founding values as enshrined in our constitution document.

Our position is vindicated by happenings in the PDP which confirms the existence and operation of this alliance pact or agreement.

The confusion in the so called Alliance party manifest in their attempt to even claim the MDC-T 21st Anniversary celebration when in actual fact they are supposed to celebrate their 1st year of existence, if at all they exist.

As we prepare for our Extraordinary Congress let us not lose focus or be distracted by these side shows by an outfit hoist by a self inflicting identity crisis.

We assure our membership of a successful Extra Ordinary Congress, which will usher a new leader to replace the late icon Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi.

MDC Information and Communication Department


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