What is wrong is wrong

    By Etiwel Mutero, An archivist and Political Analyst


    Some few days it is said the Catholic bishops issued what is called a Pastoral letter which was castigating the government of Zimbabwe for human rights violations. We were also told that the Minister of Information angrily issued a response criticising the Catholic Bishops but alarmingly, her attack were understood by many as tribal in nature. Many progressive thinking Zimbabweans may have questions as to who is correct the Catholic Bishops or the government of Zimbabwe as led by Comrade Crocodile.

    I am made to believe that the current Zanu PF government is violating human rights in Zimbabwe more than what the Mugabe administration did. A point to note was the 1st of August 2018 where 6 people were killed in Harare by soldiers. After the killing of the six innocent souls Comrade Crocodile instituted a commission of enquiry which found out that indeed Mr Crocodile’s soldiers unnecessarily killed people. Although the commission came out with recommendations, the recommendation haven’t been implemented so far. Victims of the soldiers’ brutality have not been compensated and the rogue soldiers haven’t been prosecuted while Mr Crocodile’s government is still yet to apologize.

    In January 2019 we saw a repeat of what happened in 2018 when the same soldiers killed and injured a number of citizens when they took to the streets demonstrating against fuel increases. This time around no commission of enquiry was ever instituted, no apology from the Zanu government instead protestors were accused of being used by regime change agents. These incidences cannot be condoned or sweep under the carpet. What is wrong is wrong.

    Jacob Ngarivhume who leads a less known, less subscribed political party announced that the the 31st of January 2020 was going to be a great protest day despite the fact that the country was on lockdown. We saw him holding press conferences and tweeting in an effort to motivate people to join the 31st of July 2020 demonstration. We saw Chamisa publicly admitting that his party will support Ngarivhume’s 31st July 2020 march in the Harare CBD.

    While Ngarivhume’s call to march against high corruption levels in the government sounded good,it was surprising why he announced a march more than a month ahead? It was also surprising why Ngarivhume chose the 31st of July 2020 a date which the MDCT led by Khupe had scheduled its Extra-ordinary congress.Was Ngarivhume’s march indeed a march against corruption or it was a ploy to make the MDCT Extraordinary congress fail.

    Many progressive thinking Zimbabweans were left to wonder the motive behind Ngarivhume’s 31st of July 2020 march after we note that the call for that march was associated with hashtags such as #NoToCorruption #ZanuPFMustGO. We noted that a lot of people on social media were anticipating Mnangagwa to resign after the so-called anti-corruption march.Not only were people expecting Mnangagwa to go but they were looking ahead to a new government which they called that the National Transitional Authority.We were reading stories on social media that people were going to remain in the streets of Harare until the Zanu PF led government resigns. A civil led coup or a military coup was in the making considering that some people in Zanu PF may have actually the originators of Ngarivhume,s call for a demo.

    I agree that Mr Crocodile has failed the Zimbabwean populace. He had failed to rejuvenate the economy and that Zimbabwean masses have suffered a lot. Our hospitals lack medicines and the health personnel are on strike. Mr Crocodile has failed to reign in his Ministers and civil servants who are on a looting spree in government. It is very correct that Zimbabwe is in a crisis but it is wrong to think that the problems facing Zimbabwe can be solved through unconstitutional means like a military coup or civil unrest. I don’t agree also that an authority which is unelected called the National Transitional Authority can be a solution either.

    While I agree with the contents of the Catholic Bishop Pastoral letter, we must also look at who the Catholics are.

    The Roman Catholic Church claims to be Christian Church originating from the times of Jesus Christ the Son of God, who lived and died some 2000 years ago. They claim that the teachings of their Church is just a continuation of Christ’s teachings.However, a lot of people have disputed these claims.

    Many progressive thinking people ask if the Catholic Church is built upon Christ’s teachings why did Paul, Peter and other disciples died at the hands of the Romans.

    Many progressive thinking people ask if indeed the Roman Catholic Church is indeed Christian church why do we have graven images inside and outside Roman Catholic Churches against the Ten Commandment law number two found on Exodus 20 verse 4 which says “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 6 but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

    Many progressive thinking people ask if the Catholic Church is indeed a Christian Church where did it get the idea of baptising infants when the Bible is clear that baptism must be proceeded with repentance and confession? Can a new born baby be able to confess and repent?

    Many progressive thinking people ask if the Roman Catholic Church is a true Christian Church why did they changed the sacredness and sanctity of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday? A change which the Catholic Church does not deny but a change which was done without any scriptural authority.

    Many progressive thinking people questions if the Catholic Church is a Christian Church why did the protestant churches protest against its teachings during and after the dark ages.People wonder why the Catholic Church had to persecuted and kill thousands, if not millions of people from around AD538-1898 who stood against its unBiblical teachings? Why had the Catholic Church had to kill Huss, Jerom, Martin Luther (the reformer) etc.

    I believe the Catholic Church Bishops were right to point out that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe “The Church might have been ‘relegated’ to civil society but it has a right and duty to participate in political debate and policy making as much as anyone else. It also has a moral duty to oppose injustices and inequalities. … The Church has a duty to speak out against injustice, greed, corruption and xenophobia.” Balzan J.(2018).The government of Zimbabwe has no moral right to call the Catholic Bishops evil if we can consider the manner in which it came into power in 2017. However, the Catholic Church must introspect and look if it is built on true Christian doctrines because its major focus must be on shaping true Christ like character in its members than majoring on politics. I am not saying Church must not speak against social injustices but I am saying the Church must start from “Judea” before it spreads to “Samaria.” It is only the true church built upon true Christian doctrines which must not be silenced in condemning any government bad policy and social justice of which I find the Catholic Church wanting on this aspect.

    It is a misconception to assume that everyone who speak against human rights violations in the country belong to MDC Alliance. In Fact the MDC Alliance has no moral right to speak or challenge Mr crocodile’s government’s bad human right records, democracy, corruption, accountability,rule of law and corruption because it is a party led by Nelson Chamisa who was ruled illegitimate by the Supreme Court but surprisingly, the party went on to scandalize the courts despite the fact that it’s a party which purports to stand for the rule of law and constitutionalism. Therefore, the Catholic Bishops must not be viewed as Chamisa’s supporters but as a group of clerics, though wrong in their christian doctrines, but right in defending human rights and democracy.

    I believe that Zimbabweans must continue to be courageous and continue to speak against social ills. This government must give us our rights. This government must sort the economy so that we all enjoy to stay in our country. We must be proud of our country. We must continue to tell the Zanu government that it is wrong for soldiers to kill innocent citizens. The police or state agents must be told that it is wrong to abduct citizens. Zanu PF must be told to tell its party deployees to desist from corrupt practices in government. The Zanu PF government must be told that we need our constitutional rights;freedom of expression, academic freedom, right to assemble and the right to demonstrate. The Zanu government must not hide behind the corona virus to deprive us of these rights.

    The opposition must prepare for 2023 elections and stop thinking that there maybe a military coup before 2023.That won’t happen because the military is the one which is currently in power. The opposition must forget the idea of any kind of GNU or NTA. Our constitution is clear that anyone who wants to rule this country must prepare and wait for elections. If the opposition think that elections will not bring change then its better to leave politics to Zanu PF.


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