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MDC T Provinces vow to nominate Mwonzora for Presidency


A majority of the MDCT provinces have vowed to nominate Senator Douglas Mwonzora for the post of party president at the Extra Extraordinary Congress ahead of party rivals, Thokozani Khupe, Elias Mudzuri and Morgen Komichi. Already the Harare Province nominated the Manicaland Senator by a wide margin. This is said to have irked the other contenders with Morgen Komichi the National Chairman rushing to attempt to nullify the results. This move did not appear to move Mwonzora at all as he is said to have dared his opponents to a rerun of the Harare process.

It is believed that the majority of provinces think that Acting leader Thokozani Khupe is a liability given her poor showing in the 2018 elections as well as her involvement in Mnangagwa’s POLAD. They also believe that Morgen Komichi is tainted by his involvement in the rise of Nelson Chamisa to the party presidency in a process that has since been nullified by the Supreme Court. He was also accused of corruption in the 2018 primary elections within the party.

Elias Mudzuri is believed to be too weak and passive. Mudzuri was thoroughly beaten by Chamisa in the race for the National Organising Secretary at the party’s 2011 congress. On the other hand Mwonzora overwhelmingly won against Chamisa when the two squared up for the post of Secretary General in the 2014 congress.

Sources in Manicaland, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West, Mashonaland Central, Midlands North and South, Harare, Chitungwiza and Bulawayo said the provinces favored a Mwonzora Presidency with Thokozani khupe and Elias Mudzuri as his deputies. Mwonzora is said to be the brains behind the success of the faction over the rival Chamisa faction in Parliament and the courts. Mwonzora is also said to have masterminded the dramatic takeover of Harvest House, the party’s headquarters. However, most of his rivals appear not to accept Mwonzora’s presidency. This has seen Thokozani Khupe and Morgen Komichi trying to court members in the Chamisa group to help them defeat Mwonzora.

“ We can see what Khupe and Komichi are doing with the Wamba ( Chamisa) people. We will punish them at Congress. Wait and see” said a member of the Manicaland Provincial Executive who requested anonymity.
“ We want somebody intelligent to lead us. Dougie ( Mwonzora) is the only person who has defeated Chamisa.” said our Masvingo source. The source also pointed out that Dougie is the only MDC leader who has achieved one of the major objectives of the formation of the MDC. That is giving Zimbabweans a new constitution.
“ They are trying to throw mud at him but we can see through all that. We will vote for him come Congress” boasted one Mwonzora supporter only identified as Chabveka from Mudzi.
What is interesting is the foothold Mwonzora has gained in Bulawayo Province. It is believed that out of the twelve districts, Mwonzora controls seven while Khupe controls three. The other two appear undecided between Khupe and Mudzuri. It is believed that Mwonzora will fare very well in Matabeleland South province from where some of his relatives come.

A legal expert in Harare said that Mwonzora was already the MDCT president.
“ He is the only person who was nominated for the post of president by the 31st of July. Therefore, he has been nominated unopposed and is duly elected. The guy is just too smart. He was my favorite lecturer at the GZU,” said the lawyer who also requested anonymity.
The road to the Presidency appears bumpy for Mwonzora though, as both the Chamisa and Khupe apologists appear united against him on social media. A few weeks ago, Khupe and Chamisa were rumored to be in secret talks to thwart Mwonzora.
“ But he is obviously ahead of them. He has already found a way out. I have been studying Mwonzora as a character. He is very calculative, fast and tricky” said a University of Zimbabwe lecturer.
It is understood that in anticipation of his win, Mwonzora has offered Elias Mudzuri to be his deputy. Neither Mudzuri nor Mwonzora’s camps could confirm or deny these allegations.
For the future of the MDC T as left by Morgan Tsvangirai the leadership writing is on the wall. A Mwonzora presidency is unavoidable and a Mwonzora led team is likely to bring glad tidings for the people of Zimbabwe. Mwonzora can usher in new ways of doing politics devoid of acrimony. He may be what Zimbabwe needs to get out of the current vicious socio economic and political quagmire.


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