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‘100 000 Zimbabweans could die from Coronavirus’

Dr Ngwenya

About 50 000 t0 100 000 Zimbabweans will die of Coronavirus in the next months, Mpilo Clinical Director Solwayo Ngwenya has foretold.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday Ngwenya said, “Corona virus: according to my own estimates, Zimbabwe could bury 50 000 to 100 000 people in weeks, months to come. Unfortunately, the people and the economy do not like lockdowns. So a biblical catastrophe is on the way. Frightening new figures mean deaths are coming, soon.”

The scary prediction comes after Secretary for Information Ndabaningi Nick Mangwana called for security enhancement towards enforcing lockdown regulations.

“The way these COVID19 cases are rising in this country leaves very little room for complacency. Polytechnics are opening next week and schools in the next three weeks. Security should enhance enforcement of our containment measures to ensure we keep everyone safe. We are at war.

“Harare has the vast majority of positive COVID19 cases. Yesterday, Bulawayo recorded 30 of the 53 positive cases. If there is any scaling up of containment measures, a more surgical approach is better. It means full scale lockdown should only apply to Harare and Bulawayo.” Mangwana said.


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