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A perfect chance to shine

An opinion piece by Fungai Chiposi

Fungai Chiposi

The Mashavira vs MDC-T Supreme Court judgement of 31 March 2020 offered a new lease of life to democracy in the MDC-T, in particular and Zimbabwe in general. The leadership of Mr Nelson Chamisa had descended into farcical and comical levels, as his dictatorship tendencies became manifest. As I stated in 2018, Mr Chamisa is an unbridled dictator and time only made it worse. The manner in which he assumed leadership of the party convinced me to run as an Independent candidate in 2018. I could not envisage the MDC-T surviving his leadership style, nor did I see lives of ordinary Zimbabweans being transformed under his leadership.

As it were, Mr Mashavira had other ideas and became a knight in shining armour for democracy. Before going any further, it is very important that the MDC-T leadership acknowledges Mr Mashavira and those who worked with him, with lasting recognition. The party is now on a corrective tangent and preparations are afoot to choose a President that will take the party to a full Congress around January 2021. The Extra Ordinary Congress (EOC) scheduled for 31 July 2020 is nigh and obviously has its challenges but it must be executed well by everyone involved.

The potential candidates that will contest for Presidency have shown unity in all their actions. In no particular order, Senator Douglas Mwonzora, Senator Morgen Komichi, Senator Elias Mudzuri and Dr Thokozani Khupe have preached unity and have appeared at campaign events together to show the MDC-T family, Zimbabweans and the world, the unity existing amongst them. This is very commendable as it opens a new and exciting page in our democracy. We are moving away from the politics of attrition and friction to healthy and respectful competition of ideas.

The MDC-T leadership has laid down a challenge for followers. Are we the people ready for politics of ideas? Are we ready to co-exist despite our political affiliations? Are we ready to speak about the positives of our potential candidate rather than peddle lies and rumours about other potential candidates? Are we ready to encourage all potential candidates to share their plans for the party for the next six months or so, so that delegates are able to make informed and unemotional decisions at the EOC in a few days? We must answer these questions honestly because the decisions of the supporters and those around leadership and potential candidates, eventually determine where the party will go.

Zanu PF failed to govern the country in the best interests of all Zimbabweans. This was evident from 2008 and has always been true. Many of us fondly remember the GNU from 2009 to 2013. In that time the MDC-T worked hard to bring us a measure of stability to our economy and lives. After the GNU, it has been nightmare after nightmare. The viable alternative to Zanu PF is the MDC-T and this EOC is an excellent opportunity for the party. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase the founding values and principles of the party. It is an excellent opportunity to honour the legacy of the iconic, brave and visionary Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai. It is an opportunity to shine.

Fungai Chiposi writes in his personal capacity as a citizen of Zimbabwe and MDC-T supporter


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