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Masvingo Mayor Maboke Receives Death Threats, Harassed for Supporting Tendai Biti


MDC Alliance politician from Masvingo, Collen Maboke on Saturday revealed that he has been receiving death threats for supporting VP Tendai Biti’s views which he believes could rescue the party which is on the verge of an imminent split amid reports of heavy infiltration by the ZANU-PF G40 cabal.

Shortly after a Provincial caucus meeting which was held on Friday afternoon, Maboke held a press conference and led a host of other officials from the province in declaring their support for Biti who had earlier told party members that Jonathan Moyo is a selfish individual who can’t be trusted to advice or to hold a top post in the opposition.

“Immediately after I gave a press briefing, I started receiving calls from strange numbers threatening me and warning me not to prop Biti’s ambition,” he told our journalists.

He also revealed that he was confronted by two men he refused to name who demanded that he should change his political stand. Last month, his personal Mercedes Benz was attacked by some unknown assailants who left the passenger window smashed when he was attending a funeral in Mucheke suburb in Masvingo. Maboke confirmed the attack in an interview with the media and accused political opponents in his party of perpetrating the attack. According to him, they left a note in the car warning him to stop associating with VP Tendai Biti or face the consequences.

Maboke also complained that suspicious cars have been trailing him and he fears this could be part of a wider plot to assassinate him for his political stand.

He has urged the police to assure him of his security after he reported all the incidents at Masvingo Central Police Station.


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