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‘Baffling, MDC leaders endorsed ED’s coup and now in bed with G40’ – done a lot worse, it’s madhouse. An Opinion

By Wilbert Mukori

Wilbert Mukori

Dear Grace Kwinjeh,

First of all, I would like to thank you for this insightful contribution, “Is Khupe an MDC or Zanu-PF creation?” in Bulawayo24.

“A pattern that continues to repeat itself, each time Zimbabweans are in desperate need of opposition leadership, an internal implosion occurs at the top, which throws the party into a state of confusion, compromising its ability to deliver change to its supporters and Zimbabweans at large,” you said.

Given the fact MDC leaders have failed to implement even one token reform in 20 years; implementing reforms remains the number task for all the opposition parties in Zimbabwe to this day; proves that confusion has reigned supreme in the MDC none stop for the last 2 decades and counting.

Former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe 2004 – 2007, Chris Dell, said Tsvangirai was “a flawed and indecisive character who would be an albatross to the nation, should he get into power”! He could have said the same of the entire MDC leadership and still history would have proven him right!

Lo and behold! MDC did get into power or be it in the Government of National Unity (GNU) in 2008 to 2013. Tsvangirai and company had the golden chance to implement the democratic reforms the nation has been dying for. Not even the constant nagging by SADC leaders to “follow the Global Political Agreement (GPA) roadmap!” would force Tsvangirai and company to implement even one reform in five years.

Since the GNU, Zanu PF has allowed the opposition to win a few gravy-train seats, bait to entice they participate in the elections regardless of the glaring irregularities and illegalities. By participating the opposition have given the flawed electoral process credibility and the result legitimacy.

So, the golden opportunity presented by the GNU to end the curse of rigged elections was wasted. The nation remained stuck with the corrupt, incompetent and murderous Zanu PF dictatorship that rigged elections to remain in power. And, just to rub hot chilli in our sore eyes; by failing to implement the reforms and then participating in flawed elections; MDC leaders gave the vote rigging Zanu PF legitimacy!

In our effort to get rid of the corrupt, tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship, the first albatross round our necks; we risked life and limb to elect MDC leaders to implement the reforms. MDC leaders not only failed to implement the reforms but are now helping Zanu PF stay in power and thus have become the second dead-weight albatross accelerating our sinking into the abyss.

“Horrible contradictions exist, baffling for instance is that in just two years the same (MDC) leaders who endorsed the coup against the late former President Robert Mugabe, were soon in bed with him and are now working with his close allies,” you observed.

Zimbabwe politics is a madhouse! Whilst one lot of MDC leaders is having quality time with Mugabe and G40 faction, the second lot is having quality time too. The cries of innocent people shot dead for protesting rigged elections or soaring cost of living provided the romantic ambience to Mnangagwa’s “small-house” POLAD marriage!

“Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate!” (Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!) reads the inscription at the gate into Hell, according to Dante. Enter and there is no coming back!

When MDC leaders failed to implement even one reform in five years of the GNU they proved they had gone beyond the point of no return. There was nothing under the sun they would not do for selfish gain. As for implement the reforms, they had thrown them out of the window during the GNU there was no retrieving them, much less implement them.

The real tragic is, there are still a number of Zimbabweans who acknowledge MDC leaders have indeed failed to implemented even one reform in 20 years and yet they refuse to believe their own eyes even now with all the benefit of hindsight. It is these naïve and gullible voters who continue to follow MDC sell-outs blindly like sheep to the slaughter. Their blind loyalty give discredited MDC leaders credibility just as the MDC leaders themselves are giving vote rigging Zanu PF legitimacy!

A naïve and gullible electorate are a curse to democracy. And as long as a significant number of Zimbabweans remain naïve and gullible there is no hope for us ever getting out of the hell-on-earth we now find ourselves stuck in. None!


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