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Open Letter To The Zimbabwean Political Players

By Nqobani Zondo - CIDA Interim President


The ancient Jewish Babylonian politician, Daniel, through his vision, warned of a failed future political alliance, symbolised by a clay and iron metaphor. He warns of how impossible it will be for that kingdom to be fortified since part of it is strong like iron and the other weak like clay. He warns that such an arrangement will lead to the failure of the whole system. Reading through the tea leaves, we fear our leaders appear determined to follow this unfortunate route.

While noting that there is no explicit communication of such an intent, the populs however, are evidently receiving an implicit signal of a looming government of national unity organised without their concernt. It is this implied vibration that we fear will be the source of upheaval fermantions in the future.

Daniel foretells that the union of the weak and strong will not achieve stability even from its inception. His political wisdom predicts the eventual breakdown of the system, making way for a new one. A new way, building upon the mistakes of the former.

The mistake of non-inclusivity. The mistake of ordinating a loveless marriage. Proclaiming a non existent love and adoration.

We understand that the temptation to create such an arrangement is human but unwise. Humans are prone to defend their territory, with whatever means necessary. We see that with the ruling party and also with the new opposition. A new message is telegraped subconsciously. The hearts of leaders are put under a test. Their people fear a betrayal, all because they feel ingnored. We say ‘new opposition’ as we are aware of the implied cohesion of the new MDC and the usually hostile government institutions.

This picture, ladies and gentlemen, can be denied by the participants either by claiming non participation or by claiming the flow of justice under judicial judgements. Justifiably so, however, the point is not about rights and recourse.

Rights and recourse matter to the extend of the individuals involved in the MDC power saga. That cannot be refuted. Our concern goes beyond the politics of personalities and individualism to the politics of national healing and cohesion. We worry about the lack of leadership manoeuvres needed to inspire national unity over personal gain or personal vindication. We celebrate the vindicated, however, we assume they understand their newly found position as a nationalist one and not just an individual triumph.

It does not matter to the national audience, the legality of the flow of events in favour of Khupe. It also does not matter to the national discussion, the purported non presence or support of Khupe’s camp by Zanu PF. What matters is the atheistic. How it looks. I hope we inspire you recognise the importance of appearances over realities, whatever they may be. Nations grow on confidence, which is inspired by how things look, not what the law say, or what leaders claim. Please note that and appropriately approach the unfolding of events with that in mind.

For example, the ruling party will say that it has no hand in the upheavals of MDC, surely they are no where to be seen in the story. However, the already known political schematics of Zimbabwe inform of an operative invisible hand. We accept your right to deny. That is not the bone of contention.

The request we put forward therefore is not of who deserves what, it is of how does what one deserves, affect the democratic nuances of our national union.

We ask if the current political leadership in both the ruling party and the official opposition understand the importance of roping in the citizens in whatever political union they seek to attain. Do you have the mandate to do so? For who are you doing it and to what end?

Say you have applied all wisdom in the details of the deal, how do you suppose you will be able to get cooperation from the voting public, considering that you do not hold the position on your own accord but on their pleasure? Do you recognize the full ownership of the Republic as belonging to the citizens and your duty as that of the trusted custodians of the republic, nothing more?

Above all, do you believe you have the full confidence of the voting public to go ahead with such a union?

We are worried that the atmosphere we see is vehemently against the suspected union, formed by a people who have no mandate or support from all major constituencies of the people. We would like to remind you that mixing iron and clay will be the ultimate undoing of whatever little kingdom is left. We advise both parties to start a national campaign of engaging various stakeholders into the shaping of the next Zimbabwe. Notably engaging those whose positions you have wittingly overtaken.

We applaud your political bravado in attaining your current position, however, we don’t want you to rule over ashes. Are you not going to be a leadership that will inspire unity? Are you not going to be the ones to give the olive branch? Won’t that make you heroes if you indeed bring the whole nation together instead of picking winners and losers? What kind of national leadership wants others to lose? If indeed you believe in Zimbabwe, believe in all of us, not some of us. We have no other country except for this one. Where do you want the losers to go? Countries no longer want foreigners anymore. Do you want to see your brothers and sisters abused in foreign lands? I don’t think so.

Therefore, we beseech you, the new MDC, Khupe, Mwonzora, Komichi, and the ruling party, Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, to see to it that whatever you do, make sure you find creative ways of getting the whole nation behind you.

Start that by inviting to the table all those that carry the voices of various constituencies, notably Cde Chamisa, who undoubtedly has a large constituency. You most certainly need to pacify his grassroot camp to achieve a true national union. Failure to do so will be tatamount to building a nation of iron and clay.

CIDA, as part of Zimbabwe’s political community representing the aspirations of our constituency, cannot stand silent as we witness the systematic disenfranchisement of the MDC A voice. The MDC A carries by far, the largest voice in opposition politics. We may differ in strategic positioning, policy and political philosophy but we share the same duty to serve our people without the duress of either real or imagined outside influences.

As non supporters of Nelson Chamisa and his faction in the bigger politics, we however feel it unwise to be complicit by silence as we see the voice of his supporters suppressed in such an unprecedented level.

Note that this is not about Chamisa, but about the voice of those who put their trust in him. We may not agree with their wisdom but nonetheless, they are our Zimbabwean comrades and together with them we form one nation. Let their voices be heard please.

We would advocate the same for Zanu PF voices should we see that they also are misrepresented also in whatever shape or form. Our movement is predicated on the distinguished principle of patriotism to the body collective of our diverse groupings. We celebrate diversity, we don’t suffocate it. We want diversity to excel, to breathe, live, and contribute to the shaping of a great Zimbabwe.

Today, the MDC A can’t breathe. Set her free to be. We beseech you.

Let her breathe, just as MDC T should.

Let her breathe, just as Zanu PF should.

Let Chamisa stand, just as Khupe has been allowed to.

Let us let the will of the people to prevail.

The courts ordered a just judgement. But politics is an excessive of the people, not the courts, at the end.

Let that process be, as the owners of MDC want.

To the new MDC T leadership, why don’t you inspire unity amongst your people? Why can’t you unite as leadership? Surely you can find each other if you indeed put the interests of the nation at heart.
We, as CIDA, are ready to take over the mantle as the official opposition if you do not man up and accept your duty to country before self.

We are not against your legal rights, but rather are not inspired by your lack of concern for the constituency you have fought to lead.

We are not MDC, but we are Zimbabwe. We speak for our Zimbabwean comrades we see ignored by the political class in such a brutal and blatant manner. If this is the way the electorate will be disregarded going forward, I fear we are far from building a truly united Zimbabwe.

As strange as it may be, that another political organisation enters the internal disputes of another, but strange also, are the times. Politics is about representing the people. Fighting for the marginalized is just that, fighting for whichever people, in whatever capacity.

In conclusion, I concrete this ancient wisdom by advising you to take to the Book of Daniel, where you will learn the fate arrangements like these.

Combined Ideas Democratic Alliance (CIDA) is a Zimbabwean Political movement advocating for a reset of the sociopolitical landscape of Zimbabwe in order to deliver a new and all inclusive political framework for sustainable development. CIDA is a radical left Anti-capitalist, Anti-imperialist, Anti-tribalist,Anti-racist movement with an internationalist outlook anchored by popular grassroots formations and struggles. They can be contacted on +27623323708


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