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Mwonzora is moving forward

An Opinion Piece By Etiwel Mutero

Etiwel Mutero

An internet definition of cheating is ‘act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage’. I think you have heard of examination cheating in colleges and universities. In sporting there is age cheating. There is cheating in many spheres of life but the baseline is cheating is not good. Cheating has its own consequences especially when you are caught .

While I admit that there are many lessons which we can draw from the the Biblical Jacob and Esau story, one of the lessons which we learn from the story is that cheating is not good. Yes Jacob cheated Esau of his birthright. Yes it sounded good when he did it but we can see him suffering or fearing to meet his brother on his way from Laban’s place.He felt guilty and was afraid to be killed for his treacherous deeds.

In business cheating is unethical. The internet definition of ethics is ‘moral principles that governs a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity’. So cheating is unethical, it shows lack of morality an act of waywardness in behaviour.

People who cheat thinks they are clever. They want to gain something through crooked means. They are not patient.
They don’t want to sweat for something but they want to gain something through the easy way .They lack principles. Havanyari vanhu vakadaro. kabala hloni abantu abanjalo!

In 2018 when Tsvangirayi died,a certain young man cheated his way to the helm of the MDC party. He claimed that he was anointed by Tsvangirayi in South Africa when he knew that the MDC Constitution doesn’t allow it’s leader to handpick his successor. He cheated. He lied.

The MDC National Council lied and cheated us into believing that they do have the powers to elect or appoint an Acting President and they gave us this young man, whom they later named Wamba as our 2018 MDC Presidential candidate, when they knew that the MDC Constitution doesn’t give them powers to nominate an Acting President. They cheated us.They lied to us.

The same National Council cheated us by telling us that the extra ordinary Congress was no longer necessary Wamba was now an MDC president (without going through an extraordinary Congress). They cheated us.They lied to us.

We saw that as soon as they imposed upon us their Jacob on us who had stolen the birthright from Esau(Thoko) they started to fire people from structures replacing them with their bootlickers. Calls to fire Mudzuri and Mwonzora grew louder and louder. Mwonzora and Mudzuri continued to be jeered and booed at rallies.They were on several occasions humiliated at rallies for no apparent reasons.On the other hand a crook, a cheater was being glorified ,and made into an angel and a savior.We were cheated.

Recently , they are telling us the MDC Alliance is a political party and not a coalition of 7 political parties. They had increased their tempor in cheating.

However, lies have short legs. A day of reckoning always comes to catch the cheats unawares. The cheat was declared illegitimate leader of the MDC party. He did not appeal the ruling .He is now clutching at the straws, claiming now to be president of the MDC Alliance party which is another lie again because according to the Alliance agreement the president of the MDC Alliance must come from the MDCT. A court application will force him to find a new name for his new found party.

Nobody will build a legacy founded on cheating and lying. God Is In It? No God hates cheaters and crooks.He is not in it at all.

Meanwhile Mwonzora will continue to move forward in consolidating our party which had been stolen by cheats.We are busy preparing for the extra ordinary Congress, operating from our party HQ without any fears. After Congress I believe Mwonzora will focus on wooing rural constituencies.NaMwomzora tinosvika.Chinjaa!!


  1. *Chamisa The Only Presidential Material In Zimbabwe At The Moment*
    Since joining mdc in 1999 as the First Nations Youth Chairman. He never locked back or desert the struggle. Both Khupe and Mwonzora found him already in the National structures. That makes him the senior of all of them. In the 2014 congress election for sg Mwonzora was backed by Tsvangirai after connived and lied to Tsvangirai that chamisa want to topple him once he becomes sg, that’s why he won the elections against Chamisa just like Hwende in 2019 elections he was backed by Chamisa. In a fare election Mwonzora cannot beat Chamisa at any election. Tsvangirai realised later that Mwonzora had lied to him about Chamisa that’s why he then drafted him in as VP. Tsvangirai now wanted Chamisa to succeed him as President that’s when he formed Alliance he told Biti and Ncube that he is fronting Chamisa ahead of Khupe and Mudzuri. In doing this was because Khupe had already shown signs of not joining the Alliance. She was against the coming back of Ncube because it meant her fall as the odds would favour Ncube over Khupe for VP. She would not win an election against Ncube so she vehemently refused the Alliance. Unfortunately when all this was happening no one looked at the legal side they all concentrated on the political side hence these confusions. These things are so common in politics if you look at ZANU PF how they brought back ED into power in 2017 they tried to sanitise the process after the coup and ED was already there. The thing is Khupe’s camp are capitalising on the dubious court ruling to further their ambitions. This has no people at heart but greedy. Imagine if Nkomichi had won VP and Mwonzora won SG in 2019 Gweru they would not have been doing this. They both come out blazing before the 2018 elections saying MDC-ALLIANCE is a party all of a sudden now they say it’s not. Such people are not trustworthy in their politics. The stance that Chamisa is taking shows how stable and consistent in his leadership. He show that he is someone you can trust in any agreement. Let me say it this way. It’s like you get someone or a girl pregnant and you marry her then someone come to say because you did not go the legal way to ask for a hand in marriage and wed so you have to go back and restart again. That’s not possible life have moved against the situation it has to move on. The courts deliberately coursed this moot case to confuse the opposition and weaken it. Very unfortunate that in the opposition there are some who don’t care of tomorrow as long their stomachs get full today.


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