Home News BREAKING!!!!!!Embattled Obadiah Moyo arrested

BREAKING!!!!!!Embattled Obadiah Moyo arrested

Obadiah Moyo

Sources tonight say Health Minister Obadiah Moyo has been arrested by the Zimbabwe anti corruption commission(ZACC) over Covid-19 tender scams involving Drax International and Jaji.

President Mnangagwa’s son who is yet to be arrested has been named as one of the key players in the scandal. His business partner and family friend Delish Nguwaya has been arrested and denied bail.When ZACC spokesman John Makamure was asked by reporters whether they had Moyo for questioning or under arrest, he said “I am not aware of any questioning. Talk to me tomorrow when I have checked with our investigations unit.”

Obadiah Moyo is in the eye of a storm after he allowed a dodgy company, Drax International to get a US$42 million contract to supply Covid-19 drugs and equipment without going to tender.

The health minister is also accused of awarding the tender to Drax International while fully aware it was not a pharmaceutical company, but a consultancy firm.

The local representative of Drax International Delish Nguwaya was arrested last week and is in remand prison after he was denied bail at the courts.

Three senior officials from NatPharm who were also involved in the tender scam, appeared in court Wednesday and were granted $10 000 bail each.


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