Home News Mwonzora defends all MDC Senators in Parliament

Mwonzora defends all MDC Senators in Parliament

A beaming Senator Douglas Mwonzora entering the Parliament building earlier today representing fellow MDC legislators

MDC Secretary General,Senator Douglas Mwonzora, will be defending all MDC Senators in the on-going trial at august house. The MDC Senators stand accused of walking out before President Emmerson Mnangangwa gave his State of The Nation Address in 2019.

Acting on instructions from their party, on 1 October 2019, Mnangagwa was scheduled to make a SONA, on the occasion of the opening of the second session of the ninth Parliament in front of all legislators, but MDC legislators walked out soon after the National anthem was played.

Party insiders told this publication that all accused legislators requested to have Mwonzora as their legal representative because of his vast track record as a trial attorney. In a rare show of unity between the warring MDC factions, they have put their trust into Senator Mwonzora’s constitutional legal expertise. The trial is currently in progress.


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