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Franco Slomo accused of domestic violence

Slomo, in happier times

Dancer and sungura musician Franco Slomo has been accused of bashing his wife and sending her to Chitungwiza without bus fare by the sister of his wife Lonah Guvheya in an open letter below:

Dear bamnini I greet you in peace, oh what a long time i has been, you see its because i never meddle in your marital politics with my sister Lonah because i believe kuti rudo nderwevaviri, munopedzerana. However your Saturday story woke me up and i resolved to just help clear out some glaring discrepancies and give my sister’s side of the story because she was never contacted for a comment. For the love of family and the hope that one day you two will find each other again, i will not get into too much detail.But…do you remember that picture below (in red) we took back in 2014 at Harare gardens when you were still dating Lonah. You were a perfect match. She was Beverly Sibanda’s star dancer (YES she was a sexy angel as you can see in her red uniform) before you decided to take the relationship to another level (marriage). Let me not get into detail of how you told her to stop dancing, of course you had support yesociety because anga ave mukadzi wemunhu ka, zvemadance group bhasop!Like any normal relationship you had your ups and downs but let me not get into details of how you would go for shows for almost a whole week leaving her with no food in the house and she would sometimes sleep on an empty stomach. Let me not get into details of how in the years you have stayed with her you never EVER gave her money or bought her even underwear or clothes but she survived on handouts from sisters. Let me not get into details of how you would always verbally and physically assault her for purported musconduct in the home because she is over 15years your junior so she was childish. Let me not get into details of how Lonah would fight for her marriage with you achikuchenesa (even though she was suffering) in the name of shielding her marriage. Let me not get into details of how you would always tell her to pack and go, oyenda woti chidzoka odzoka until we lost count.She bore you 2 beautiful baby boys. She even named the younger one after you (Francis Jnr) but still…. through all the sudden nosedive of your carrier she stuck with you. She detetiorated because you geglected her but still she stuck with you. Handiti zvinonzi mukadzi shingirira. She learnt to live with the insults you hurled on her and the family she comes from, the insults from society of how you…. her star-hubby had suddenly become rombe and a laughing stock but still she stuck with you.

Now bamnini, we all know that this COVID19 and subsequent lockdown had a very negative impact on your ability to take care of your family but still she stuck with you. Let me now ask you bamnini kuti after manetsana mid-May were you not the one who threw your wife out muchimuti handichakuda plus mhuri yenyu ine mamhepo? (Ane mamhepo ndiyani though) Where you not the one who dragged her out and threw her clothes out of the house? After resisting unsuccessfully, she decided to leave and carried her children but you threatened her and ordered kuti SIYA VANA VANGU! Helpless after pleading in vain, Lonah asked for one thing, $2 yeZUPCO so she can travel from Chitungwiza to Highfield but makamunyima.Let me not get into details of how she endured a 5hr walk all the way from Chitungwiza to Highfield… to her other sister’s place, together with her older daughter who is 8 – with tears imagining how you could force her to part with her 2 year old child. She even called and wanted to come and see her children but you refused bamnini. She just helplessly complied, until she woke up one Saturday morning to a screaming headline that you claimed kuti she had abandoned you and the children. How shameful!You are obviously hit by hard times bamnini and so is everyone, but WHY……WHY did you have to lie to the whole world and use your innocent children to solicit pity – so that you fraudulently acquire donations? WHY did you have to stage manage the situation at the expense of someone who had been by your side for all these years…WHY? Let me not get into details of the fact that this is not your first or your second marriage. It is neither your third…… but a Fourth marriage which you have brocken down.If Lonah had rushed to the papers to report that my husband Franco is neglecting me and the children, or that he assaulted me, im sure that story would have never seen the light of day. Or better still had it, Lonah would have been blasted for kufukura hapwa, woudzwa kuti mukadzi anofanira kufukidzira marriage yake. Its unfortunate that she suffered insults in absentia… when as a matter of fact she is the victim…. and you are using her innocent children to win the mercy of your fans.Let me hasten to say, i appreciate all those who came through with donations for the babies (God bless your hands) but if there are any individuals/organisations/ advocates intending to further help you bamnini, i hope they will be able to read through this piece and detect the voice of that woman who was forced to leave her children, only for it to be used against her. If society has ears it has HEARD and i leave it for them to do the right thing. If our society has those women who who feel for a fellow woman, this is Lonah’s right of reply and side of the story and i leave the ball in your court.Bamnini, to ERR is human, but to FORGIVE is definitely DIVINE! May the good Lord forgive you.

Yours sincerely



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