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Nepotism allegations rock Zanu PF HQ

Tafadzwa Mugwadi, ZANU PF Director of Information

Serious allegations of nepotism have surfaced within the ruling party permanent staff, with reports that relatives of party leader Emmerson Mnangagwa are being deployed to key party posts without going through the normal channels.

Problems started allegedly with the appointment of key Mnangagwa relatives in the Information Department. After the recent shuffle and subsquent appointment of Tafadzwa “Twoboy” Mugwadi as the Director of the department, allegations of running battles in the department are said to be weakening the party’s information department. An outsider, Mugwadi is alleged to have decided to shake things up by bringing other outsiders to the propaganda unit. This did not sit well with Mnangagwa relatives within the unit. Reliable sources state that Mugwadi is facing resistance from key Mnangagwa relatives, chief among them the niece of the party leader, who is alleged to be refusing to work under Mugwadi. The niece (name supplied) reportedly, goes and reports directly to Mnangagwa on key department issues without running through Mugwadi. The same source states that Mugwadi has had to be forced to toe the line or risk the losing the powerful post.

The source states that Mnangagwa relatives see Mugwadi as too ambitious and not loyal enough to Mnangagwa. He is alleged to be part of G40 remnants within the party and the government, working hard to bring Mnangagwa down after he grabbed power from the late strongman, Robert Mugabe, with the assistance of the army.

Since assuming power, the embattled Mnangagwa is struggling to unite Zanu PF, with some members of the party said to be still loyal to ousted Mugabe allies. With the economy on the free fall, historic levels of poverty and poor response to the COVID-9 outbreak, Mnangagwa has had to deal with instability in his party. It is alleged that the anti Mnangagwa members both in the party and government are responsible for leaking sensitive government documents and alleged corrupt dealings of the Mnangagwa family in the hope of removing him. This has resulted in his family members in the party and government strongly supporting him and attacking anyone percieved to be against him. However, the battle of the Information department is said to boiling and givings seniors and long standing workers headaches. The same reliable source states there has been allegations of tapping phones and installing hidden recording devices in each other’s offices at the ZANU PF headquarters, in the hope of exposing the other side in the department.

Repeated efforts to get a comment from Mugwadi were unsuccesful.


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