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Musician condemns fake COVID-19 news


UP-AND-COMING musician Obvious Dziwanyika has joined the fight against COVID-19 through music by releasing his debut offering Adjustments in which he condemns the spread of fake news about the pandemic.

A Harare-based Morgan Zintec College graduate, Dziwanyika told NewsDay Life & Style that he was concerned about the spread of fake and alarming news about COVID-19 cases and the discovery of vaccines, something which prompted him to join the fight against the contagion.

“The pandemic is everyone’s problem, so many voices are needed in efforts to fight it. That’s what prompted me to go to the studio. Besides being a novelist and poet, I have always been a music lover and my dream to send a message to the people through singing has come true,” he said.

“COVID-19 is real, so it is very important to follow regulatory measures being stressed daily as we wait and hope for the discovery of a vaccine. Besides reminding listeners of safety precautions, the lyrics also condemn the spread of fake news meant to cause panic and animosity.”

Dziwanyika, who got inspiration from the late Jamaican artiste Bob Marley, said he wanted to popularise his music style called chibhanduru.

“My style is distinguished from other genres and has jit-like drums. It’s played by the Zezuru people in areas like Mhondoro. My wish is to popularise it since it’s not popular.”


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